Maj Donald William Boydell ERD was the son of Thomas Boydell  and Lilias Davie. He started his civilian career as an Assistant Collector with the Inland Revenue in 1936.

He joined the Lodge on 20 November 1970. He was initiated in 1960 into Lilford Lodge No 3022 in West Lancashire. He also joined Mount Moriah Lodge No 34 and Lorne Lodge No 1347 in Surrey. He was also active in the Red Cross of Constantine with Sovereigns of Plantagenet Conclave, the Order of the Secret Monitor with University of London Conclave No 2 and the Royal Arch. He joined Progress Chapter No 1768 in 1980 and was instrumental in turning the Chapter around in 1981/83 when membership was very low, becoming 1st Principal in 1981. The Chapter became popular with the Brethren with Roy Archibald and Jonathan Croft also joining.

He was appointed JD in 1970 and became Worshipful Master in 1972. He was Lodge Organist from from 1975 to 1977. He was a fine ritualist, giving a number of longer pieces of ritual and lectures. He was appointed DC in 1977 to 1983, the same year he was awarded London Grand Rank. He served the Lodge as Organist, Treasurer before once again becoming a Warden and then being installed for a second time in 1989.

He was given London Grand Rank in 1983 and Senior London Grand Rank in 1989. He was Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden for Surrey in 1987. He was made Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1990.

He served in the Second World War, gaining a commission with the Engineers in 1942. He saw action in Burma with the 36th Division, Royal Engineers Attached to the Indian Engineers. He transferred from an emergency wartime commission to a regular commission in 1949 and promoted Captain. He was a co-founder of the Epsom branch of the Burma Star Association.

He died in 2007.