Capt Thomas Frederick Cuthbert Pattle was born in Butterworth Transkei, Newlands, South Africa on 6 January 1878, one of six children born to Thomas Philip Marmaduke Pattle and Ann Barter. 

He married Zoe Ivy Richbelle Fradd and they had two children. 

He was a planter in Ceylon both before and the War. Before the war he owned and was assistant manager of the Maddegedara estate in Kalutara. Returning after the War he owned the Hellingbourne Estate also in Kalutara from 1920 to 1923.

He was commissioned into the 22nd County of London Regiment (The Queen’s) and was promoted Lieutenant in August 1914. He was promoted Captain and appointed Adjutant on 29 July 1915. He served with Thomas Belshaw and John Duncan Tate FRIBA who were also a members of the Lodge (Army List shown below).

He was initiated on 27 November 1918.

He passed away on  4 February 1940 in Exeter.