Mortimer Arthur Codd was the son of Mortimer Codd of Oak Cottage, Harrow. He went to Harrow School leaving in 1898 and followed into the family business as an Electrical Engineer.

He had an entrepreneurial approach to his field and was something of an inventor. In 1911 he was running a small business employing 20 men making parts for the electrical system of motor cars from 15 Dryden Chambers, Oxford Street.He also published several books on related subjects.

During WW1 he branched out and was interested in power supplies for spark transmitters and in 1915 took out a patent for Improvements in or relating to the Contact Breakers of Induction Coils (Patent:  GB191514382) of his own design. This had civilian and military applications, specifically in relation to military signalling, especially for aircraft.

He was initiated on 29 October 1919.

In 1921 he was Director of Research at the X-Ray Laboratories of Torrington Place.

He died in 1938.