Victoria Rifles Lodge No 822 is part of the St Mary’s Lodge No 63 family of lodges:

The Family Tree highlights the familial links the Lodge holds, notably with:

Our ‘Mother Lodge’ Camden Lodge No 704, a London lodge with the rare privilege of having its own recognised ‘Camden Working’ ritual, which is also practised by some of the lodges descended from it, including Goodwill, and Brecknock Lodges and the Lodge of Good Intention.

Our ‘Grandmother Lodge’ St Mary’s Lodge No 63, an Athol Lodge warranted on 14 April 1757.

Our Daughter Lodges:

Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge No 2362 another Lodge associated with the London Rifle Volunteer movement, and a fellow member of the Circuit of Service Lodges.

Semper Vigilans Lodge No 3040 an affinity or class lodge for Lodge Secretaries consecrated in July 1904.

Of our sister Lodges, Ethical Lodge No 753 was consecrated as Prince Frederick Lodge No 1055. The number changed in 1863 with the reorganisation of all the Lodges in England, which saw Victoria Rifles change from 1124 to 822, and the name was changed in 1915 when anti-German sentiment prevailed upon the Brethren to move away from the Lodge’s original name Prince Frederick William Lodge.

Another member of this group, the Earl of Dartmouth Lodge No 3279 has the full family tree on its website.