Captain Edwin Richard Stafford Abington lived at Glengary, Broadway, near Peterborough and in 1909 .

He went up to Selwyn College in 1928 before taking his degree in 1931. He joined the Army and the Intelligence Corp, rising to the rank of Sergeant before the War. He was involved in Field Security.

He was commissioned mid-way through the war on 4 December 1942.

After the war he was the first candidate to be initiated since 1938 when he joined the Lodge on 28 November 1945. He became Worshipful Master in 1952, before repeating the offices and in 1961 was once more installed and given London Grand Rank. He went on to fill numerous offices as the Lodge needed, underscoring his willingness to help the Lodge in any capacity: He was organist in 1963, Inner Guard again, Junior Deacon and ADC. Boydell recaps him in the 1990 History as “a most charming man and an excellent ritualist”.

He passed away in 1971