Edward William Cox was a silk merchant, the husband of Louisa J Woodruff Cox, and father of Colonel Reginald Woodruff Cox OBE and Capt Harold Edward Leys Cox VR.

He was a partner in the firm he founded with Howard Edwards called Cox & Edwards of Old Cavendish Street, London.

Edward’s son Reginald would join the firm as well as the Lodge and the Regiment, whilst his son Harold joined the Regiment, but not the Lodge, and would be killed in the War. For more information about Harold please see his brother Reginald’s entry.

The news of Harold’s death reached the Lodge and the boys’ father at the October 1916 Installation Meeting. Edward Cox was installed but left immediately afterwards before a sombre festive board.

Edward was initiated in 1908 and would go on to be Director of Ceremonies.

He died in February 1931.