Colonel Charles Francis Massy CIE was an Honorary member of the Regiment and an officer with the Bengal Staff Corps. He was born on 10 June 1847. He was the son of Henry William Massy and Maria Cahill. He married Alice Seaton, daughter of Maj Gen Sir Thomas Seaton, in 1873. She was a cousin of John and Edwin Seaton.

He was commissioned in the 92nd, later the Gordon Highlanders, in May 1865, being promoted Lieutenant two years later. He transferred to the Indian Staff Corp in 1870. He gained his Majority in 1885 and was made Lt Col in 1891.

He was the Political Officer to the Rajah of Kapurthala. He accompanied the Rajah on his tour of America, including a visit to the House of Representatives that made the press, and to the wedding of the Duke of York in London, both in 1893. He later became a Commissioner in the Punjab. He retired before returning to the Colours in 1914.

Initiated on 2 February 1882, he became District Grand Master for the Punjab in 1893. He was a member of a number of Lodges in the Punjab including Stewart Lodge No 1960 and Devon Lodge No 1999. He was also in the Mark in the District.