The ties between the Regiment and the Lodge are highlighted by the number of distinguished officers that have also been members of the Lodge, in addition to the eight that have commanded the Regiment:

Sgt Maj Frederick AbbotVictoria Rifles
(Sgt Major & Corps Secretary)
1861 – 1897d
Col George Mitchell Weekley VDVictoria & St Georges Rifles
1904 – 1935d
Maj James Ernest Alexander Hunter TDReserve Bttn QVR
(Adjutant 1914)
1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles
(Coy Commander 1917)
1915 – 1961d
Col Reginald Woodruff Cox OBE1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles1920 – 1944d
Major Charles Alfred Cuthbert Keeson VD1st Middlesex (Victoria & St George’s) Volunteer Rifle Corps1891 – [1925d]
Maj Richard Henry Sampson TD1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles1928 – 1973d
Capt Geoffrey Price Bowring MC TD DL1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles
(B Coy Commander 1940)
Maj John Austin Brown TD1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles
(C Coy Commander 1940)
1924 – 1996d
Capt Antony Raymond Jabez-Smith TD 1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles
(2i/c D Coy 1940)
Lt Col Timothy Stovin Lucas MC TD1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles
(8 Platoon C Coy 1940)
1938 – 1981d
Maj Edwin Claude Porter ScottReserve Bttn QVR
(Quartermaster 1914-1918)
1879 – 1928d
Sidney James Holloway MCQueen Victoria Rifles attached
Lancashire Fusiliers
1921 – 1956d
Maj Clement Potter Smith MCKRRC & Queen Victoria Rifles
(Quartermaster 1921-1937)
1927 – 1956d
Capt William George Bowditch DCM MC TDQueen Victoria Rifles
(Company Commander 1917)
1926 – 1972d
Lt Col Charles Hamilton Sutton Howkins OBE TDQueen Victoria Rifles
(B Company Commander 1938)
1946 – 1971d
d indicates membership of the Lodge at time of death.