Alfred Trower was the brother of Percy Trower and Ernest Trower. He was the fourth child of the nine children born to Helen Seymour and Henry Trower. He was born at 2 Southwick Place, Hyde Park, London.

He was an oarsman and yachtsman. He joined Kingston Rowing Club making his first Henley appearance in 1870 and in 1873 won Silver Goblets at Henley partnering Clement Courtenay Knollys in the final. Trower then transferred to London Rowing Club and in August 1876 Trower, together with Gulston, R H Labat, and J Rowell went to Philadelphia on the steam ship Wyoming to take part in the town’s centennial regatta. Trower competed in the pairs with Rowell. Prior to the event the rowers went for a swim in the Harlem giving scope for the local newspapers to describe their physiques. The New York Times described Trower as “The heavy man of the four, he is also the tallest“.

In 1877 Trower was a member of the London crew that won the Grand Challenge Cup at Henley. In 1878 he was a member of the London crew that won the Stewards Challenge Cup. 

In addition to rowing, Trower was keen sailor, competing in Corinthian races.

He was initiated at the age of 24 in 1873. He advanced through the progressive offices after being made Junior Deacon in 1877. He was made Senior Warden on 5 February 1880 but sadly passed away five days later.

Trower died at Kensington at the age of 30.