United Grand Lodge of England

Metropolitan Grand Lodge

Circuit of Service Lodges

Masonic Great War Project

Circuit of Service Lodges

Marine Lodge No 232

FitzRoy Lodge No 569

Ubique Lodge & Chapter No 1789

Gostling Murray Lodge No 1871

London Rifle Brigade Lodge No 1962

Aldershot Army & Navy Lodge No 1971

Elthorne & Middlesex Lodge No 2094

London Scottish Rifles Lodge No 2310

London Irish Rifles Lodge No 2312

East Lancashire Centuria Lodge No 2322

Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge No 2362

Royal Rose Lodge No 2565

Navy Lodge No 2612

Reserve Forces of Northumberland No 2666

The Queensman Lodge No 2694

Nil Sine Labore Lodge No 2736

Comrades Lodges No 2740

Rosemary Lodge No 2851

Middlesex Imperial Yeomanry Lodge No 3013

In Arduis Fidelis Lodge No 3431

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Lodge No 3923

United Service Lodge of Derbyshire No 3993

Aldershot Royal Engineers Lodge No 4178

Connaught Army & Navy Lodge No 4323

Tudor Rose Lodge No 5660

Venture Adventure Lodge No 6022

RAF Lodge No 7335

St Eligius Lodge No 8295

Innsworth Lodge No 8751

Certa Cito Lodge No 8925

White Ensign Lodge No 9169

Parachute Regiment Lodge No 9315

Pegasus Forces Lodge No 9393

Lodge Brothers in Arms No 9540

Household Division Lodge No 9545

United Services Lodge No 9605

Armed Forces Lodge No 9875

Combined Service Lodge No 9900

Middlesex Armed Forces Lodge No 9940

Pro Patria Lodge No 9952

Invictus Lodges No 9960

Shropshire Combined Services Lodge No 9988

Other Lodges with Military Connections

MacDonald Lodge No 1216

Household Brigade Lodge No 2614

Old Wellingtonian Lodge No 3404

United Arts Rifles No 3817

Royal Engineers (Chatham) Lodge No 4465

Finsbury Archers Lodge No 5466

City of London Rifles Lodge No 5606

Lodges from other Constitutions with Military Connections

St Patricks Lodge No 295 (IC)

Glittering Star Lodge No 322 (IC)

The AIF Memorial Lodge (Queensland Australia)

The Army Lodge No 478 (Victoria Australia)

Navy Lodge No 4 (Grand Lodge of Washington, DC)

Overseas Lodge No 40 (Grand Lodge of Rhode Island)

Edinburgh Lodge No 736 (Grand Lodge of Canada, Ontario)

American Masonic Great War Project

Pages on the Rifle Volunteer Movement

Volunteer Infantry

The Volunteers of 1859. Barrie Rose. Journal of the Society for Army Historical ResearchVol. 37, No. 151 (SEPTEMBER, 1959), pp. 97-110 (14 pages). [subscription required]

Order of Precedence of the Rifle Volunteers 1859

The British Volunteer System by The Rt. Hon. Earl Brownlow (former Under-Secretary of State For War) written in 1900

Rifle Volunteers. Research Press

Stepping Forward – A Tribute to the Volunteer Military Reservists and Supporting Auxiliaries of Greater London


Regimental Family Tree of the Middlesex Volunteer Battalions