Capt E N Vowler. Detail from a photograph take in 1902 of the Regimental Officers at Shorncliffe Camp.

Major Edward Nicholson Vowler was a Stockbroker and senior partner in the firm E N Vowler & Co. He was the son of the Reverend Samuel Nicholson Vowler and Marianne Vowler of Tiverton. He went to Blundell’s from 1877 to 1880.

He married Adela B Thompson and they had one son Lt Edward Maxwell Vowler, an Old Carthusian who was killed in action with the DCLI on 14 March 1915. They lived at 15 Carlton Hill, St John’s Wood.

He was an officer in the Regiment. He was promoted Captain in November 1902.

Vowler was a keen cricketer, playing for Willesden Cricket Club, and a golfer, playing at the North Cornwall and closer to home at Neasden.