Lt Col Frederick Ococks. Detail from a photograph taken in 1902 of the Regimental Officers at Shorncliffe Camp.

Colonel Frederick Page Ococks was born 3 March 1854 and married Annie Martha Henderson in 1898. They had two daughters, Winifred Margaret Page Ococks and Cecilia Page Ococks.

He was an officer in the Regiment either side of the turn of the century. Awarded the VD in 1896, promoted Captain in 1898, and rose to command it from 1903. His command and Lieutenant Colonel was dated 3 March 1903. He was one of eight members of the Lodge to Command the Regiment.

1903 was a significant year for the Regiment, he oversaw both the King’s Centenary Parade at Buckingham Palace and a new set Regimental Standing Orders in the form of “the Rules, Regulations, Standing Orders, Instructions &c”:

He retired in 1907 as a full Colonel.

One of his last duties was to host the Inaugural King’s Royal Rifles’ Veterans’ Dinner under the chairmanship of Sir Redvers Buller VC on Ladysmith Day, 28 February 1907 at Davies Street (see below and for more information see the KRRC Association).

He was initiated into the Lodge in 1904 but chose not to hold office.

He died 6 November 1939.