Major Abraham Trew was born in Dover in 1812. He enlisted in the 1st Bttn the Rifle Brigade in 1829 and served until his retirement aged 39 in 1951 as a Colour Sergeant. He was awarded his LS&GC Medal the same year.

He was commissioned into the Regiment in 1858 and appointed Adjutant, promoted Captain in 1859. He appointed Adjutant again in May 1860. He retired in 1873 as a Major. He is shown in the 1863 Illustrated London News engraving, from which the detail, shown above is taken.

He spent his final years at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

He was initiated on 7 February 1861, alongside Dr Stewart. The same busy meeting saw Lt Ewing and Sgt Wilcox passed and Sgt Thornbury raised.

He was originally gazetted alongside his fellow Lodge Brethren William Collins and Charles Croft, who were both Founders of the Lodge: