Eight members of the Lodge have commanded the Regiment or its Battalions.

Maj Barclay Greenhill1st Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps
(OC 1870)
1860 – []
Col Frederick Page Ococks1st Middlesex (Victoria and St. George’s) VRC 
(CO 1903 – 1907)
1904 – 1939d
Col Reginald Burge Shipley CMG1st Bttn, Queen Victoria Rifles
(CO 1914-1915)
1897 – 1924d
Col Vernon William Frank Dickins DSO VD1st Bttn, Queen Victoria Rifles
(CO 1915-1918)
1894 – 1942d
Col Sir Joseph A Bradney CB 3rd Bttn, Queen Victoria Rifles
(CO 1914)
1915 – 1933d
Col Percy Edward Langworthy-Parry DSO OBE TD2nd Bttn, Queen Victoria Rifles
(CO 1917)
1st Bttn, Queen Victoria Rifles
(CO 1921-1926)
Lt Col Cuthbert Alfred Garnet Cuthbert Keeson OBE MC TD1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles
(CO 1934-1938)
1919 – 1968d
Lt Col John Arthur Mowbray Ellison-Macartney TD1st Bttn Queen Victoria Rifles
(CO 1939-1940)
1938 – 1985d
d indicates membership if the Lodge at time of death.

Many other Brethren have been members of Victoria Rifles Regiment.