George William Dawson FRCSI was “probably the doyen of otolaryngologists in England” according the BMJ in his obituary.

He was 46 when he was initiated into the Lodge in 1915. He was initiated at the same meeting as Col Bradney and Lt Fleming and Gordon Inglis.

His BMJ obituary provides a detailed description of his medical career:

“Born in 1869 the son of Richard Cecil Dawson, he was educated in Dublin and qualified in 1890. He won a medal in surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and became a Fellow of the College in 1896.

He spent some time in general and dermatological practice, before taking up a specialism in Otolaryngology [today better recognised as Ear, Nose and Throat] studying under Politzer and Hajek in Vienna.

Returning to London he was elected to the staff of the Golden Square Hospital, of which he became the Dean at the end of World War One.”

He was also “possessed of a dry sense humour” and became president of the Irish Medical Schools and Graduates Association.

Outside medicine he was an avid golfer, chasing a house close to he Burgh Heath Golf Club. He married Amy Ward, who pre-deceased him.

He died in 1959 at his home at Walton on the Heath in Surrey. He was 91.