James Henry Matthews with his wife Sarah Julia Stuart

James Henry Matthews as a banker and lived at Manchester Square and was initiated in 1860 into Lodge Star in the East No 67 (then No 80) in Calcutta. He joined several Lodges in India and becoming District grand Deacon of Bengal. He returned to England in 1869 and joined Victoria Rifles, Methuen Lodge No 631 and Middlesex Lodge No 143.

He was exalted into Holy Zion Chapter No 486 in Calcutta and then joined Mount Moriah Chapter in London.

He became Grand Standard Bearer in 1884, a member of the Board of General Purposes, a member of the Finance Committee of Grand Lodge and a member fo the Colonial Board.

He was also in the Mark, a Knight Templar and a holder of the 31st Degree in Rose Croix.

James Henry Matthews was born on 18 July 1839, the son of James Matthews, an East India Merchant and Mary Anne Bailey. He had four sisters: Sarah Anna, Elizabeth, Victoria Maria and Catherine Jane and two brothers Webber Desborough and Albert William.

He married Sarah Julia Stuart, the daughter of Henry Stuart on 8 August 1867 in Holy Trinity, Twickenham and they August 8, 1867 in Holy Trinity, Twickenham. They had six children Maude Stuart, Edith Mary, Victor Henry, Eric Stuart, Harold Laurence and Trevor Jocelyn.

Trevor became an MP, was knighted and was a senior Freemason and would follow in his father’s footsteps and be a member of the Board of General Purposes.

He died on 9 September 1928.