After the Second World War the Regiment was amalgamated into the King’s Royal Rifle Corps (KRRC) and lost its cap badge.  The Lodge was therefore deprived of its only source of members, although it soldiered on with several WWII veterans in its ranks for many years.

By 2006 the Lodge had fewer than ten subscribing members and was on the point of surrendering its warrant. This fact was drawn to the attention of a number of Masons with military connections who determined to preserve the Lodge for posterity in view of its Regiment’s unique history and the distinguished history of the Lodge and its members over very many years.

Thirty Masons with military service joined the Lodge in September 2006, all of whom were, or were entitled to have been or become, Past Masters of or in Military Lodges.  There being a ‘Circuit of Service Lodges’ in existence, comprising some sixteen working Lodges to which the majority were affiliated, it was agreed that the Victoria Rifles Lodge, having no ability to initiate men from its original source and thereby having lost its original purpose, should thenceforth become a Lodge for the benefit of brethren who are, or are entitled to have been or become, Past Masters of or in military Lodges, as well as to have regard to the well-being of the few military Lodges who remain or which may, in the future, come into existence.  The Lodge joined the Circuit of Service Lodges in 2007.

It is thus that the Lodge, whilst maintaining its customs and traditions, is henceforth intended to work for the benefit of the Circuit of Service Lodges as its Installed Masters’ Lodge, being able to conduct ceremonies for member Lodges upon request and facilitate a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge for all its members and those of its affiliated Lodges.