The photograph above was reproduced in “the King and his Navy & Army, Volume 16, 1903” and shows the officers of the Regiment in Camp at Shorncliffe in 1902.

Around half of the officers were members of the Lodge. Those not known to be members are square bracketed below. Ranks are listed as at the time of the photograph. From Left to right, standing and then seated:

[Captain Fletcher]

Major Vernon Dickins

[Lieutenant Wilton]

Lieutenant William Sankey

Captain Edward N Vowler

[Lieutenant Mercer]

[Lieutenant Lees]

Captain James E W Harrison

Major Henry P T Dickins

[Major Snow, Adjutant]

Lieutenant Frederick Colonel Ococks

[Colonel C Bird]

[Lieutenant Colonel Tanqueray]

Major C A Cuthbert Keeson

Major Henry F Kingdon

[Lieutenant Morgan]

[Lieutenant Fenton]