Walter Gouda was British subject of German heritage was continental manager for the Rossia Insurance Company in Berlin.

He was initiated into the Lodge in 1907.

He was interned at the outbreak of World War One in Ruhleben.

Gouda was one of the Ruhleben prisoners to sign a message of greeting to the Grand Secretary and honorary member of the Lodge, Sir Edward Letchworth, postmarked December 9th 1914, and printed in the Times of 28 December 1914 (page 3, col. B). The message read: 

“Worshipful Sir & Bro.,  We the undersigned brethren, at present interned with other British civilians at the concentration camp at Ruhleben – Spandau, Germany, send hearty good wishes to the Grand Master, officers and brethren in Great Britain, hoping that we may have the pleasure soon of greeting them personally.”

Freemasonry Matters published a detailed article on the letter and the other signees.

After the war he moved to Copenhagen but remained a member until his death after the end of the Second World War. During the Second World War summonses were sent to his brother living in London rather than imperil Walter should the Nazi authorities learn of his membership of the Craft.