There is a strong connection between the Rifle Volunteer movement and Masonry. The following table takes the London Regiment Battalion structure from the first half of the 20th Century, and the second table seeks to include other relevant Lodges and Regiments:

London Regt BattalionVolunteer Rifle CorpsLodge
5th (City of London) Bttn
London Rifle Brigade
1st City of London VRCLondon Rifle Brigade Lodge
No 1962
6th (City of London) Bttn
City of London Rifles
2nd London VRCCity of London Rifles Lodge
No 5606
9th (County of London) Bttn
Queen Victoria Rifles
Victoria Rifles VRCVictoria Rifles Lodge
No 822

[also QVR]St Giles and St George’s Bloomsbury VRCBloomsbury Rifles Lodge
No 2362
10th (County of London) Bttn
Paddington Rifles
Paddington VRCPaddington Rifles Lodge
No 2807
11th (County of London) Bttn
Finsbury Rifles
Finsbury VRCFinsbury Archers Lodge
No 5466
13th (County of London) Bttn
Kensington VRCKensington Battalion Lodge
No 3624
14th (County of London) Bttn
London Scottish
London Scottish VRCLondon Scottish Rifles Lodge
No 2310
16th (County of London) Bttn
Queen’s Westminsters
Queen’s Westminster VRCQueen’s Westminster Lodge
No 2021
18th (County of London) Bttn
London Irish
London Irish VRCLondon Irish Rifles Lodge
No 2312
28th (County of London)  Bttn
Artists’ Rifles
Artists VRCRosemary Lodge
No 2851
Honorable Artillery CompanyFitzRoy Lodge No 569
South Middlesex Rifle Volunteer CorpsSouth Middlesex Lodge No 858
1st Surrey Rifle VolunteersMacDonald Lodge No 1216

The bond was such that the Lodges regularly held a shooting competition. In 1901 the Freemason reported on the forthcoming inter-Lodge competition, being organised by Victoria Rifles own Charles Keeson: